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Filling calf feeder Simply attach the unit to the water supply with the quick coupler supplied. Place the controller in the auto fill position, dial in the desired amount of water for your feeding and turn on the water. Our automatic fill cycle will fill the tank to the desired level and shut off.


Calf Feed Mixer While the tank is filling, start the pump and turn on the mix and purge valves. Then add the desired amount of dry supplement to the tank through the 8" opening. Go about your business and when you come back the unit will be ready to feed.


Cow Feeding Dial in the desired feed portion on the controller and you are ready to feed. Simply place the nozzle opening into the pail and pull the valve handle. Your Feed-R-Meter will deliver the desired portion to the pail. Go to the next pail and follow the same steps until you are finished.



Using the same feeding steps as above. Simply drain and flush your tank, and fill with water. Place the controller in the manual feed position and the Feed-R-Meter will deliver water as long as the nozzle handle is pulled.


Cleaning & Sanitizing

Cow feeding Sanitizing The Feed-R-Meter is equipped with a spinner ball cleaner to facilitate cleaning and sanitizing the tank and plumbing. Simply remove the drain plugs to remove residual milk. When the tank has drained, insert the spinner ball and apply water. When the drain plugs are running clear, replace the plugs and allow the system to pump for a number of minutes with all valves open. Now shut off the spinner ball and add detergent and/or a sanitization product and moving spinner feed to the feed valve, allow the cleaner to circulate for a matter of minutes. When this cycle is complete to your satisfaction, turn off the system and drain. You may complete this process again with fresh water if desired.


Drain & Storage

Draining Cow Feeder Storing the Feed-R-Meter in freezing temperatures? No problem. The Feed-R-Meter is designed to gravity drain to protect the system from freezing. When the cleaning process is completed, simply open all of the valves and remove the 5 drain plugs and walk away. The system will drain and be ready for the next feeding. It is recommended that the feed hose, flow meter assembly and the control not be left out in the weather, but they are all easily removable for storage.