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Save time checking tips

The Peek-a-boom remote boom controller makes it easy for one person to check for proper tip operation by allowing them to turn all or sections of the boom on while standing at the boom. No need to remember which tip is bad while you shut off the sprayer.

No more wasted Chemical

The Peek-a-boom ends the wasted chemical that islost while moving back and forth checking and rechecking for plugged or worn tips. Simply stand at the boom, activate the boom or boom section with the remote control and observe the tip operation.

Minimize your exposure to harmful chemicals

The Peek-a-boom allows you to quickly turn your booms on and off from a position with a good view but well away from the spray. This greatly reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals.


One person sprayer diagnosis

Want to perform other sprayer diagnosis tasks like flow rating meters, or checking tip efficiency with a flow table? No problem. Simply set up your test and turn your boom on and off with your Peek-a-boom.


Installation is a snap

On most sprayers, the Peek-a-boom can be installed in only a few minutes and except for a pair of pliers, everything you need is included with your Peek-a-boom.