1. With the pump on and the boom extended, simply press the buttons on the remote key provided with your PEEK-A-BOOM and the corresponding boom section will operate.

Gen1: The upper left button will operate sections 1 & 2 for a 4 second interval. The upper right button, will operate sec tions 2 & 3 for a 4 second interval. the larger button on the bottom, will cause the entire boom to operate for as long as you hold the button and will shut off when you release the button.

Gen2: Button 1 will operate section 1, button 2 will operate section 2, button 3 will operate section 3 , button 4 will operate section 4, button 1 & 2 pressed together will operate section 5, and buttons 3 & 4 pressed together will turn the entire boom on.

Gen3: Each button is numbered and will activate the corresopnding boom section. The valve will operate for as long as you hold the button, and will shut off as soon as you release the button.

A) When operating your PEEK-A-BOOM using the instalation method described above, the individual boom switches on the existing boom controller must be turned off. Failure to do this will cause all of the sections to turn on no matter what remote function you choose. This is due to the fact that the current will feed back through the switches to the other booms. This can be eliminated, in most cases' by using the plug-n-play cables available for most controllers.

B) On some sprayer controllers, the run hold function is accomplished by disconnecting the ground from the boom control valves. If this occurs, the PEEK-A-BOOM will not work. You must turn the run hold function off and turn the boom off with the individual boom switches to override this function. In most cases this problem can be alleviated by installing one of our plug-n-play cables.

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