THE WHEEL is a rotary, ground drive feed pusher designed to solve the problem of feed bunching at the end of the alley. The rotary action of THE WHEEL pushes the feed directly over and eliminates feed drag. The design of THE WHEEL makes it easy for any operator to properly set the height for optimal operation, but will not allow the operator to apply down pressure , thus minimizing wear and premature failure. .The WHEEL is available in fixed, Left and Right or Quick Adjust Left and Right versions.


  • Direct push over minimizing feed drag.
  • Lightweight rugged design
  • Easy to operate
  • Safe for cattle
  • Reversible / Replaceable fiber reinforced rubber contact point.
  • Rotary action minimizes wear.
  • Feed is left fluffy and palatable.
  • Works well at a variety of speeds
  • No hydraulic motors of cylinders
  • Comes with standard skid steer Quick Mount.