Johnson's Innovations Products

Remote Boom


No more wasted time checking for plugged or worn tips!
The Peek-a-boom remote boom controller makes it easy for one person to check for proper tip operation by allowing them to turn all or sections of the boom on while standing at the boom. No need to remember which tip is bad while you shut off the sprayer.

Calf & Cow Feeder


An innovative new way to hutch feed calves either milk supplement or pasteurized milk.
The unit is designed to efficiently perform the entire feeding process from filling, mixing, feeding, measuring, watering, cleaning and draining. Feed-R-Meter automatically fills and mixes your formula to the volume that you prescribe, then the innovative flow monitor system measures your desired feed ration, automatically dispensing amounts. After you have finished feeding, Feed-R-Meter has an onboard clean and rinse nozzle to quickly clean and sanitize the entire system.

The Wheel - Circular Plow

The Wheel

The WHEEL is a rotary, ground drive feed pusher designed to solve the problem of feed bunching at the end of the alley. The rotary action of the WHEEL pushes the feed directly over and eliminates feed drag.